About LenaHai

About us:- LenaHai ! is the idea of Young generation, who is working with the new ideas, where we are providing the multi-functions at a single platform and also providing the excellent environment along with better services. Here user and young generation can do multi function at one platform. At which LenaHai (Sub kuch milta hai) without thinking too much about anything you can get a lot.

We believe in practical approach and “to get the success you will have to make efforts” That is why we are doing continuous efforts so that our users can enjoy better service quality and performance. This is the place where we change their ideas to Multi work and make the things better and we change their single step towards multiple steps. Because today’s youth do not want to limit himself and do want to be dependent in the boundaries particularly in the multimedia sector, he wants to be become more smarter, he wants to do the larger work in lesser time.

We have synchronized the same thought with innovative idea and formed LenaHai (Sub kuch milta hai). Where We have applied social media for advertising and promotional activity, you can use it with some easy methods.

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Your Content

About LenaHai Deal:- You can get weekly income by participating in it. Anyone can get income , you can anytime through random selection. Every week you can recommend anyone. Now win every week and let the others win ( LenaHai! Sub kuch milta hai)

Terms and Condition:

  • To participate in it you have to make 5 persons to join through your Id by signing up through web or app, It is compulsory for everyone.
  • You become eligible to participate if 5 persons join through your ID .
  • One you get qualified you can get four deals in a month/ or can participate.
  • After 4 deals , you have to make another 5 persons to signup through your ID to participate .in deal. Extra benefits: if user gets signed up more than 5 persons then he can earn Rs. 50 extra .
  • E –Wallet Money:-

    User can use their E-Wallet money for Advertisment promotional activity. Like: Company Ads/ Products Ads/ All Electrical Goods/ Homeo Goods / Health and multimedia activity. “ Get more e-wallet money and promote your business on LenaHai!!”

    About LenaHai Hot deal:-

    In LenaHai!! Hot deal you can get your best , which you have not got before that . You can get the same at a very lesser price with greater advantage. Now you will get the best products at least prices, which you cannot get anywhere except here. Now to get everything has become very easy because of lenahai.com.

    Terms and Conditions:

  • After getting the hot deal you cannot return it .
  • This is available on website of “LenaHai “ i.e www.lenahai.com
  • After this company has initiated the offer for the same on its site , You can get it any time.
  • You can get online through the website of company. User will get the product within 7-8 working days which he purchased from website.
  • Our Market Place:-

    On LenaHai!! Market place you can buy or sell anything . You can directly contact to user / client . You can also sell or buy the old items, here you can promote your company, products, your brands also.

    About Social Media:-

    LenaHai!! Provides you the on-line advertising media, you can create new relations, you can chat with them, even being on line you can send them friend request and they can make you also their friends if they want. In this side you can chat with more than two persons like Private chat / private MSG Groups MSG. Specially here we can create groups and in that we can add so many friends. You can contact so many persons. And with the help of single MSG or image you can send to anybody and in this you can promote your own product. This can be utilized in a professional way where you can do personal or professional chat or can deliver the motivational chat at one place .

    Our Web :-

    We are performing best and provide the best service in industry With the help of best designing we try our best that you may get the concept clear easily. We do create the best client services and also deliver the better quality and with features.


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