Agency Policy & Terms Condition

About LenaHai : LenaHai is a complete supermarket online platform , where user can do online activity, in which we cover classified, Brand Promotion, Company Promotion /Sell & buy Anything / Matrimonial or Free Listing. Social Activity like making friends / hot live chat/ make Groups / Public chat or private chat, Video promotions /Song Promotion etc and through that you can earn every week from RS. 1000 to One lakh and further information log on to

LenaHai Ad Agency:- This work like an ad agency , in which any of the customer can buy the ad agency from company and in this agency customer get the ads which the client can post on the website , if agency holder sells the agency then he will get the commission of 6 types, which depends upon the volume of his business, how much ad agencies he does sell. Those who buy the LenaHai!! Ad agency is only the business partner not owner. They can sell only that ad agency in which they are getting the commission, as it is explained in Ad agency plan.

LIABILITES AND GURANTEE:- There is no concern between LenaHai or LenaHai Ad agency, in this context LenaHai is a agency partner. He can work on Ad Agency, in which Upway Marketing Pvt Ltd deal with both the companies , both these platform separate. 1. LenaHai Ad Agency does not accept any kind of payment in cash. It accepts the payments though cheque / Draft or Online deposit. 2. Company does not take guarantee for any kind of cash payment made client, neither any of the agency partner has the authority. 3. Buyer of Ad Agency must buy it after getting the concept clear of company and he can post the ad on 4. Company does not ask anybody to give commission without performing any job, One gets commission only when he sells the agency, according to time and as per the plan given. Payment and liability a. Every kind of commission will be paid by the company by online transfer/ Pay tm / Cheque. b. It is informed by the company to every agent that they have to submit their bank detail within a period of one week of getting agency. c. If bank details are not updated, payment by company will be made through cheque by 25th of every month. If bank details are updated then payment will be made by company by 15th and 29th of every month. d. In case of direct bank deposit agency holder can deposit the maximum amount of Rs 1.9 Lakhs in a year. If a client deposit more than Rs2 Lakhs, he will be liable to pay the penalty as per the guidelines of Govt. e. To get your bank account updated in the record of company you can send the mail along with cancel cheque by 28th Day of month. Documents & Responsibility To buy the Ad agency it is mandatory that you must have Aadhar card and PAN Card. But at the time of getting agency you can produce any of the documents out of both. 1. There will be no duplication in the company, in this process one PAN Card and one Aadhar card is required. One person can hold one agency. In case of any duplication done by the agent, company will cancel the sale done by him and that sale will also not be counted for the commission. 2. Kindly upload the documents in proper manner so that we can get the sale approved which is done by you. Even after the approval of sale company finds anything wrong or incorrect, company can terminate the agency and serve the notice , which needs to be answered within the 30 days or has to be corrected . 3. You can send your documents yourself on the portal Company’s Document and Payment Group. 4. Agency holder will surely start earning something either today or tomorrow, for that every agency holder must get uploaded his document and bank details. If it is not done his agency will be terminated and notice will be served to him. 5. You can buy Ad agency online as well as physically. For that you have to fill the form of company and you have to attach the mandatory document and have to send the postal mail on “Am Offline Agency buyer”. Customer Right & Company Agreement: a. Agency holder can surrender the agency anytime to company after serving the notice of 30 days. To get the commission of any type it is mandatory agency holder must remain active and he has to participate in company’s event. b. Agency holder cannot receive cash payment from anybody; if it happens like that company will not be responsible for that. Agency holder is responsible for the information about sale , he is liable to provide the information of sale c. Company can terminate the agency of agency holder anytime and notice can be served in this regard as per the requirement of company, if company gets the information about any rumor being spread about the company. d. Company without issuing the notice can make the changes in commission plan according to the requirement of company and client. e. Strict action can be taken against those who mislead the clients and make the fake promises, Strict action includes heavy fine or withdrawn of commission paid. f. Person who has to get the agency will have to submit his accurate information, any sort of mismatch is not acceptable Name and Account must be similar to each other, because at later stage alteration will not be done.